Saturday, 9 June 2012

Fluttering Butterflies

It is fun sometimes to take your chipboard off the page and make something else with it like a mobile.   Thought you might like to see how to make one.

Start with a couple of grab bags Tando Butterflies, a Tando Lace Border and the Tando Butterfly mask.  The butterflies are white lined, the reverse is the same texture and colour as the border.   You'll find this extends the range of techniques and results you can achieve.

The mask has butterfly shape cutouts that exactly fit the chipboard shapes.  Holding them in place with masking tape would be a bit of a problem so these were sprayed on one side with the sort of glue that allows you to re-position/re-use them.   Place masks over the shapes and start to decorate them.

Embossing pastes were spread over some of these samples, others were coloured with coloured gel pens and solvent ink pens.    Remove the masks, those used with embossing paste need to be washed if the pastes dry on them they will be harder to use in the future.   Set the chipboard with paste aside and allow it to dry.   All the shapes need to be coloured the same sort of pens have been used coloured foil has been used on one shape and gilding flakes on another.

Tando chipboard is easy to dry emboss with folders and a die cutting machine.   This adds texture and interesting details to the shape

Another fun technique is to draw a design on the chipboard with clear drying PVC glue.   The glue holds the pattern adding texture and dimension.
While the glue is still wet drop alcohol inks over the butterfly allowing the colour to spread and blend.

Continue decorating the shapes using tissue tape, paint, stamping and embossing with EP.   I also used Glimmer Mists and other sprays, on one of the dry embossed butterflies the debossed sections were filled with more glue and then covered with glitter.

The Lace Border needs some paint as well.  Pearlescent water colours add shimmer.

 Continue until all the shapes are decorated on both sides try to make each shape and side different from all the others.

To suspend the Butterflies you will need to give them bodies.   One method is to attach beads, stringing them first will help ensure the stay in a straight line glue them to the body of the shape and as they set remove the thread.

A single bead is another method of 'hanging' them. Fibers glued on with a loop at the top or something a little thicker such as twisted sari silk that the hanging thread can be sewn into works.

Time to assemble the mobile, lay the shapes out and move them around until you find an arrangement that pleases you.    Use clear beading thread either tied to the lace border or secure the thread with a crimping bead.   Working down the design add the butterflies using the different attachment methods.

You can add fibers and ribbon to add even more interest and movement, some pretty ribbon at the top to suspend your mobile from a handy hook.

I hope you have enjoyed this and if you are inspired to make your own mobile there are lots of different Tando shapes in grab bags to use.  Do share your project with us, we enjoying all the different and creative ways people use with Tando.


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