Saturday, 3 December 2011

Christmas bird house class week 1

Good morning.....just about!!.....better late than never for the first week of this 2 week class.

Okey dokes....this week you will need the round elements from the plaque packs, if you don't have these, don't worry, you can use any round shaped chipboard that is fairly sturdy they need to be approx 70mm in diameter.  You will also need a thinnish piece of cardboard, the back of the Tando packaging is ideal for this,

First of all roll the piece of thin chipboard so you make a tube approx. 30mm in diameter x 50mm long.  Once you made the tube trace around the outside of it into the middle of the the 2 round pieces and cut out 2 holes.  You want the tube to fit fairly snugly into the holes.

Paint the circles with gesso especially around the edges and then cover one side with a thick layer of modelling paste.

Take a stamp with a texture that you like, spritz the stamp with water and press it into the modelling paste.  Set aside somewhere where you won't lean in it.....yep....I've done that....I normally find them stuck to my sleeve!!  The modelling paste will take a little while to dry.

Using the Shabby white embossing enamel and versamark ink, coat your tube well with the ink and heat emboss a good layer of enamel.

Do the same with the 2 roof pieces of the birdhouse using the Shabby Blue embossing emamel.  Use Gesso to paint the other side and the edges.

Paint the other pieces of the Mini Birdhouse with Gesso.  Don't worry about the base, you won't be using that bit.

Stamp all the pieces with a script style stamp in Weathered Wood distress ink.

Using the same Weathered Wood ink and a foam pad, add some ink to the outer edges of the birdhouse pieces as shown.

Slot the pieces together.  There is no need to use glue.

And that's it for this week, check back next week for the final part of the class.

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