Friday, 19 August 2011

My book of Tando, Session 7

I am sorry you did not get a list of materials in advance for this page.   Please don't let this put you off having a go.   The technique today is one published recently in Craft Stamper by Helen Chiltern it was only the second time ever that a published project has fired me up so much that I have to do it then and there really hope you are as inspired by my effort.

6 x 6 inch Tando sheet
Stamped with a Hero Arts flourish in Archival ink

Next heat up your iron (Dry iron or turn the steam off) this is my only iron you may be more sensible.    Raid the children's toy boxes for wax crayons or you could go to the shop.   Strip as much of the paper off that you can.   You will also need some grease proof paper.

Cover the Tando sheet with greaseproof paper and heat it up with the iron.

The wax crayon will melt onto the heated Tando Sheet.   You can only work a little area at a time reheating as necessary always remember to use the grease proof paper.

Keep going with different colours until you are happy with the result.   White wax Crayon has been used on top of the other colours here to highlight the stamped image.

The grease proof paper is also marked with the re-heated and melted wax great for another project.

For embellishment one of the Tando leaf branches has been coloured with soft pastels or you could raid the children's art supplies again and borrow their chalks.

All these colours were used and blended together on the Tando Leaf Branch

The little Tando bird, without it's branch this week, coloured in the same way

Add the Tando leaf branch and Tando bird to the wax coloured Tando sheet.  To add a feel of the breeze some rub on pigment has been dragged down the page. This highlights and emphasize the texture from the white wax on the flourish.

If you followed last weeks page you might remember that when re inking the brayer it was first swiped over another Tando sheet.    This is that sheet.

Out with the  fabulous Tando cogs mask dabbed through with distress inks.

Stamped and clear embossed the Hero Arts bird and then with colour box chalk inks in light colours randomly stamped over the page.

 and then more random stamping with Versa Fine ink.

When you are happy with the result stop!

Just for interest thought you might like a direct comparison of the two brayered sheets.   Last weeks the brayer had the top ink taken off and then colour built up with repeated applications.   This week's Tando sheet has been coloured with the fully loaded brayer having its top coat removed.

So tempted are you all dashing off to the pound shop now to stock up on wax crayons?   Hope so do come back and show us.  


  1. Ooooh Zoe, these are fabulous!!! You think the hot crayons might work the same on canvas board? I got told off for using the iron :-( Had to go and buy my own little one for crafting, lol. The pastels look great on the Tando as well! Maria x

  2. Hi Maria, have a try on the canvas board generally speaking if you can heat it then it should work but I've not tried that or read of it. If the canvas starts to buckle in the heat stop!!! Love to see/hear how you get on. XOXO Zoe