Saturday, 12 November 2011

Week 4 - The finishing touches..

So, are we ready to put our frame together?

Here's a reminder of the finished project:-

Taking our background paper place onto the base plate.  Add the front plate ontop to ensure that there are no protruding edges and that you're happy with the placement.  When you're happy, lift off the front and using a pencil mark the corners of the paper, remove add doublesided tape and adhere in place.

Taking your text paper, place to the left hand side, add the ribbon, place the flower and stem ontop of the text paper and place saying, grunge butterflies and rolled flowers in place.  Place the front plate ontop and play around with the images until your happy with the layout.  Remove all items and adhere only the text paper and ribbon in place.

Adhere the top of the frame in place.  For this I use glossy accents and clamp until set.  You could use strong pva glue or red line tape.

Adhere the flowers, text and grunge butterflies in place.

Place your fragements and inchies around the frame, using the metal flower as a centre point on the top edge.  Play around with the placement until you're happy with the result then adhere in place.

On the textured corner, place the Tando cog and offset it with metal cogs or smaller tando pieces.  Add the blinged dragonfly and you've finished.

Stand frame on the legs and enjoy!

I really hope that you've enjoyed the classes.  I would love to see what you've created please leave a link below so that I can visit you and see your pieces.  Also, Di has offered up a small prize for one lucky participant so do show us your finished pieces and you could be the winner!!

Thank You for joining us and I hope you enjoyed making your frame xx