Saturday, 22 October 2011

Week 1 - Frame

Well, I suspect after the publication of the list you've all guessed that this class is to make a frame...
and here it is...

We are going to make this frame over four weeks.  I hope that the instructions are clear and easily understood, but, should there be any questions, please post them below and I'll answer them as soon as I can.

So this week we are going to concentrate on the frame we need:-
Tando 6" x 6" wavy edged frame
Black Acryllic paint
Viva decor ferro paste/texture paste
Viva decor inka gold
Perfect pearls.


1.  Paint the front of the frame, both sides of the backplate and both sides of the legs with black acryllic paint, ensure you cover all the edges.

2.  When dry take a dry spatula and apply viva decor ferro paste to one corner, cut into the paste using the spatula (or, mist a background stamp with water and press into the paste, be careful that the stamp doesn't slide, lift out and wash stamp immediately) - heat with a heatgun letting bubbles form or if you don't like that look dry with a heat gun making sure the gun is moved continually or leave to dry naturally.  Word of warning the chipboard and the paste gets extremely hot - if you use the bubbled look leave to cool before touching!

 3.  When cool apply perfect pearls with a clean dry paintbrush in blocks of colour - I've used mandarin, sour apples and blue raspberry...spritz with water to seal.

4.  Taking a second colour acryllic paint - I've used a juniper dauber, place some paint into a holder - using a dry piece of sponge, or a dry paint brush dab into the paint, now take most of the paint off and dry brush over the frame front and back.
5.  Take your pot of inka gold, I've used old silver I think! don't put your finger into the pot, remove some and place on your craft mat then dab your finger into that.  Using the inka gold on your finger go around the inner edge of the frame, adding more in some places than others, and then edge the outer edge....apply a rough and light covering to the perfect pearls corner...

There you have it, the end of the first lesson...hope you're all looking forward to next week which will be

"Legs and background"

Don't forget if you have any questions or queries please don't hesitate to ask and I'll try and answer as soon as I can.



  1. Oh wow! fabulous frame and class Carol. I have long admired your gorgeous frames! Great instructions. Thank You! Xx

  2. Fabulous frame Carol,now getting all the things together to have a go,see you next week for part 2
    Janet x

  3. Right - I'm playing and have got this far but I'm doing a smaller one so hope I can scale down other elements as we go along! Looks fab!